duminică, 28 martie 2010

M-am decis sa imi scriu mie...

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter" (Martin Luther King Jr.)

(All the simple things...)
So, I want to change the world too… but someone’s world :), by just smiling in the morning or being there in bad times or by just making funny faces, or by screaming when it’s not ok, or by dancing in “someone’s” arms… For me, love is simple!… till we complicate it: by not being there when we should be, by “turning our heads” after something/ someone else, by not holding on when we get to “some point”, by forgetting or confusing the important things…

Why is it easier to just not fight (mainly with yourself) and why is it easier to close your eyes and leave… and then, start all over again ...and again.. making a repeating story, but with different characters?
Learning to love, learning to belong to (only) one person is the hardest lesson (but the greatest, right?) and there’s no handbook or recipe for this, because it differs from person to person; we build our own story!
I don’t believe we are able to love too many times in life.. and too bad we waste “love” on fake relationships/sex.

Today I stop wondering, stop judging, stop making assumptions!
Love ends when smiles end! Facts are exactly like they seem to be and like someone said :): "A real man makes people better, not worse; even after he leaves!"

I wish people could see beyond my (apparent) weakness. I am acting as I do because I fight for what life means, I fight for true feelings, I fight for the simple but the most important things. I don't live here to become rich or famous (that's easy!), I live here to learn, I live here to love.

…I have guts…guts to make ‘mistakes” and lose elation. How will I spend my short life?? Should  I spend my time without fighting? Or should I spend it with this mentality: “ocean is full of fish”??
I am not like this.
I never wanted a normal.. banal life and I didn’t know it can be this hard if I chose...to feel and be sincere; I’m sure in the end I’ll see it’s worth it! So many ugly things made me feel I'll never be able to “believe” anymore…but, even though now I don’t know where “my road” is, and even though now I tend to be like all the others - I will fight this.

I am so imperfect with all these things I do... but at least I try (hard)...

but damn it...there's always this easy choice: we close our eyes, leave, go home, add someone new in messenger, life, bed… and everything becomes what we live for:  not love… love is/will become only a myth.

(I don't know who's in "this" with me... I don't know. I might be only a freak :)...but this is also for my friends, Diana, & Andreea ... hugs)

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