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Lifelong Learning...

Technology, innovation, interaction, higher education, rapid change, better use of knowledge, online learning, jobs, our future as lifelong learners...
We are living in times of rapidly changing innovation and knowledge society; as a result, qualifications, skills and knowledge needed for jobs are changing very fast.
It is unlikely that an individual will be practicing for life a job based on the qualification and education gained at the age of 18 – 22.

Fischer (2001) emphasizes the need for conceptual change deriving from specific lifelong learning practices in a manner that is perhaps more apt today than it was a number of years ago:
"Lifelong learning requires a deeper understanding of… fundamental human activities and their relationships with new media. It requires an integration of new theories, innovative systems, practices, and assessment. New intellectual spaces, physical spaces, organizational forms, and reward structures need to be created to make lifelong learning an important part of human life."

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